Advanced Major Project; for a BA in Digital Photography

My final project looms ahead. I am taking a break from writing my dissertation today and just thinking about all the concepts in my head that have potential for my advanced major project. The Tower Blocks of London became a full piece instead of a pilot and I want to use the freedom of being in university to work with other ideas since the Towers has reached a good stopping point.

  • Self Portrait- something completely different (because after writing a dissertation on architectural photography, I will not want to look at another building), a series of portraits of my parents in surroundings that reflect how I see myself taking on their attributes. My father standing in the aisle of a cinema, watching me, watching a movie. My mother on a desert mountain trail, exhausted after a hike, putting her hand on my shoulder as I look through the lens of the camera.
  • Landscapes of Skyscrapers- creating landscapes of tall buildings, the camera at ground level pointed to the top floor of the building, with attention to foreground (interesting awnings, entrances, etc.) and the top of the building fading beyond the horizon line.
  • Regeneration of Elephant and Castle- review the images I took in the first year and revisit the sites, start a website devoted to the regeneration and create a community online to look at how the residents feel now that construction has started, and piece together information on how the regeneration is starting out, a long term project to start now and then keep revisiting after uni
  • Vernacular architecture- research and locate people that have built their own homes in non traditional materials, places, etc. and present triptychs of the owners, the structure, and the landscape it resides in.
  • Tower Blocks- okay so nothing is ever really ‘finished’. Take the project from last semester and push it further, to include all towers above 19 stories, re shoot them to stitch the whole building together, or include parts of the area around them





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