After our review at London South Bank and with the input of staff and other students I decided to go beyond Elephant and Castle regeneration and look at other wrapped buildings around the city. This coincided with research I’ve done on the current building boom in the city, with the London Building Centre estimating that some 200 plus high rise buildings are in the pipeline for construction.  These images were taken over a week of exploring central London and looking for interesting wrapped buildings.

This seems unfathomable. Trying to imagine 200 skyscrapers landing in London is unreal and it makes me concerned for the urban fabric of this city. In my first post I explain the project Towers of London that I completed a few months ago, and how these Towers are sometimes seen as eyesores in the city of London. This wasn’t always the case, with some of them at the forefront of construction and design, such as Ronan Point and the use of large panel systems (LPS). Ronan Point partly collapsed in 1968 and was subsequently torn down, along with other buildings that had used the same construction method.

I don’t know enough, yet, about urban planning to decry the construction being planned right now. I don’t know enough, yet, about the inclusion of residents’ opinions in the design of these huge structures and their placement within their existing communities and surroundings. But I do know, from reading about documentary, editorial, journalistic and architectural photography, that it is imperative to photograph our surroundings and then disseminate the work in hopes of informing society and preparing interested communities for taking action.